New Program: Walk With Me

Walk With Me is a free outdoor-based program offering activities for women and gender diverse people who have actively worked to heal from violence or abuse experienced at any time during their life. Through shared outdoor experiences in a supportive environment, our aim is to increase quality of life through connection, compassion, resilience, and leadership.

Walk With Me programs are for women, trans and non binary folks who are in the process of healing from any type of abuse or violence. These experiences may have occurred at any stage of life. Participants are given the opportunity to explore beyond their own perceived limitations alongside other survivors, including some of the Trip Leaders. Through fully funded day trips, wilderness workshops, and overnight trips, participants are brought together to share a powerful experience surrounded by the beauty and serenity of the natural world. Intended to reinforce the process of therapy or self-healing, Walk With Me can provide a catalyst for further growth and change.

Learn more about Walk With Me here.