Men’s Health Initiative

Men’s Health Initiative

Increasing supportive, community-based networks for guys-who-like-guys
within Interior BC while raising attention to their healthcare needs and concerns.


We believe that:

  • Physical, mental, social, and sexual health are interconnected and important for guys-who-like-guys!
  • Having open, confident converations with guys about their health and concerns is a great way to counteract stigma and isolation.
  • Access to STI testing, health information, and sex-positive resources are a matter of harm reduction and especially important for guys who might not have access to these for whatever reason in their every-day lives.
  • Community support and belonging are foundational for the overall health of all people.

We offer:

  • STI testing (PLUS) clinics specifically for guys-who-like-guys in the interior.
  • Opportunities for gay, bi, queer, trans, two spirit, and questioning guys to get together to socialize, connect to their health, and have fun.
  • A weekly safer space for LGBTQ2IA+ youth (Under the Umbrella) to connect in Nelson.
  • Sexual health and harm reduction outreach at LGBTQ2IA+ events in the Kootenays so guys-who-like-guys can find the information they need easily and often.

MHI Program Website:

MHI has its own website that hosts information and resources for guys-who-like-guys in Interior BC. Find an events calendar for upcoming events and Prick! STI clinics. In depth resources on physical, social, mental, and sexual health for guys-who-like-guys.

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Christopher Kling
Men’s Health Initiative Kootenay Outreach
(East & West Kootenay + Boundary Regions)


Our favourite resources


An online resource for young guys who like guys to help you explore through topics such as gender and sexual identity, dating and hooking up, HIV and sex, and emotional and mental well-being.

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Health Initiative for Men

A Vancouver-based men’s health program that has tons of amazing resources on physical, social, mental, and sexual health for gay men and other guys-who-like-guys.

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