Street College

Street College

Peer education on real-life harm reduction.
Overdose prevention, vein care, safer meth use, naloxone, and emotional health and well-being.


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A curriculum developed for ANKORS and AIDS Vancouver Island for peer education around stigma, intersectional oppression, self care, burnout, peer service provision, letting go, taking leadership from service users, blood-borne infections, getting tested, personal advocacy skills, effective communication, party safe, overdose prevention, naloxone, first aid, living outside, safer injection, safer inhilation, drug checking, and other real-life harm reduction.

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Amber Streukens
Street College Program Coordinator

Our Favourite Resources

Sharp Shooters

This 36-page booklet has a ton of great information about safer injecting, vein care, how opiates and amphetamines can affect your period, human rights for parents, and tons more.

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The Meth Booklet

A harm reduction guide for people who use methamphetamine. Researched and complied by ANKORS in Nelson, BC!

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