Drug Checking

Drug Checking

Fast, free, anonymous drug checking with
FTIR spectrometry and fentanyl test strips.

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ANKORS tent at a festival
This program has it's own website


Drug Checking has it's own website that hosts harm reduction resources, information, and research reports on substance use at Kootenay festivals.
There is also a volunteer application package for people who want to apply to volunteer for drug checking and harm reduction teams at festivals like Shambhala, Bass Coast, Vibrant, Fozzy Fest, and Wicked Woods.

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Get in touch

Chloe Sage
Drug Checking Program Coordinator
(West Kootenays)
Polly Sutherland
Peer Development and Drug Checking Coordinator
(East Kootenays)

British Columbia Music Festivals - Drug Checking Results

Click below to see recent information on drug checking at BC's music festivals: demographic information on who is accessing drug checking, which substances are showing up and where, etc.

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Our Favourite Links & Resources

Drug Checking at Music Festivals: A How-To Guide
Published by ANKORS

Drug Checking at Music Festivals

A how-to guide for checking drugs at music festivals including an overview of harm reduction, drug checking technologies, safer spaces, staffing, media strategies, and additional resources.

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Drug Combinations

Find out how common substances and party drugs interact with each other in your body: is this mix synergistic or dangerous? Also, check out their fact sheets on almost every substance out there.

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