Drug Checking

Drug Checking

Fast, free, anonymous drug checking with
FTIR spectrometry and fentanyl test strips.

We believe that:

  • Everyone deserves to know what’s in their substances so they can make informed choices about how they’ll use them
  • Having real, no judgement conversations about substances reduces stigma, so people won’t feel ashamed and alone
  • Harm reduction saves lives

We offer:

  • Fast, free, anonymous drug checking to people of all ages
  • Drug checking in person, in our offices so we can have a conversation about what exactly your substance is made of
  • Take Home Fentanyl Test Strips, and lessons on how to use them, so you can test your drugs for fentanyl even when our offices are closed
  • Drug Checking outreach at festivals where we know the information is needed

New Mobile Drug Checking!

ANKORS is now offering drug checking twice a month in Trail, Castlegar and Grand Forks!

Find us in Grand Forks on every first and third Tuesday of the month at the Gospel Chapel from 10AM-3PM.

We are in Castlegar every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at The Way Out shelter from 10-4.

If you are in Trail, you can access drug checking two Wednesdays each month – one day at the Community Inclusion Centre and the other day at the Trail United Church (along with the pop-up overdose prevention site).

Feel free to contact Amelia at 236-972-7080 or at drugcheckankors@gmail.com if you have any questions about our mobile drug checking services! 

ANKORS tent at a festival This program has it’s own website

ANKORS Volunteer Website: ankorsvolunteer.com

Drug Checking has it’s own website that hosts harm reduction resources, information, and research reports on substance use at Kootenay festivals. There is also a volunteer application package for people who want to apply to volunteer for drug checking and harm reduction teams at festivals such as Shambala. Please note that we are in the process of updating and making changes to the website at this time.

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Get in touch

Amelia Martzke
Drug Checking Program Coordinator
(West Kootenays)

  • drugcheckankors@gmail.com
  • 236-972-7080

Alexis Hekker
Drug Checking Technician
(East Kootenays)



  • ankorsdrugchecking@gmail.com
  • 250-581-1633 (call or text)

James Kaufman
Drug Checking Technician
(East Kootenays)

  • james_kaufman@hotmail.com
  • 250-421-3831 (call or text)

Our Favourite Links & Resources

Drug Checking at Music Festivals: A How-To Guide Published by ANKORS

Drug Checking at Music Festivals

A how-to guide for checking drugs at music festivals including an overview of harm reduction, drug checking technologies, safer spaces, staffing, media strategies, and additional resources.

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Drug Combinations

Find out how common substances and party drugs interact with each other in your body: is this mix synergistic or dangerous? Also, check out their fact sheets on almost every substance out there.

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British Columbia Music Festivals – Drug Checking Results

Click below to see recent information on drug checking at BC’s music festivals: demographic information on who is accessing drug checking, which substances are showing up and where, etc.

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Interior Health – Drug Checking

Find information on drug checking locations, fentanyl test strips, FTIR machines, benzodiazepine test strips, and frequent updates and information on the Interior Health Drug Checking blog.

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BC Centre on Substance Use – Drug Checking Results Dashboard

BC’s province-wide data and information on drug checking projects. How often do samples include Fentanyl or Benzodiazepine? How often do samples match what people expect to find?

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The Drug Resource & Education Project

The Drug Resource and Education Project’s mission is to provide tools and education on substance use for people who are impacted by dreadful drug policy and the service providers that support them.

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